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Advanced Certificate in Canine Immunology

This course is designed for all people who own dogs to help them to understand the basic principles of Canine Immunology and how the dog’s immune system is impacted by numerous variables in diet, environment toxins and chemicals and genetics. It is of special benefit to those who want to actively participate in the prevention of disease and increase of health for their dogs.

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This course provides an overview of how the immune system works, how vaccines can prevent disease, and why vaccines sometimes fail to protect from disease and occasionally cause adverse reactions. By completion the student will learn the principals of how the canine immune system functions and what things may impact on the health and quality of life from a holistic approach.

They will learn about the canine immune system, innate immunity and inflammation, immune dysfunction, toxicity and vaccinations, tissue repair, fever and immunity, nutrition, stress, selection consideration for healthy immune systems and Fetal and Neonatal Immunity.

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