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Canine Breeding [Certificate]



Looking at a future in dog breeding or just curious to learn more about the finer aspects of the subject? Then this course will be ideal for you.


This course is great for complete beginners and those who already have a background with dogs. Completion of this course is a requirement of the MDBA Canine Breeding Diploma Course.

Dog breeding can be anything from a serious hobby or part time business (eg. breeding and selling pets), through to a very serious and possibly highly sophisticated profession.
This course provides an excellent starting point whatever level you plan to operate at.


Suited To


Many students that have enrolled onto this course have been dog Breeders, rangers,
Kennel hands, dog carers, animal welfare workers.


Course duration: on average 6 months home study.Maximum Time allowed 18months from purchase date.


Qualification on completion – MDBA Certificate of Achievement. This course is part of the MDBA Diploma Course in Canine Breeding 


Entry requirements


Students must have basic English literacy and numeracy skills.


Minimum education


Open entry. Previous schooling and academic achievements are not required for entry into this course.


Computer requirements


Students will need access to a computer and the internet.


Fees - $375 – Member Discount applies - email for codes 


Course Overview


Unit Number 1


Students will be taught the ethical issues involved with breeding and the breeder's rights and responsibilities.

This unit addresses very important issues that must be considered when people begin to breed dogs. Why breed? The breeder's rights and responsibilities. Ethical issues and responsible record keeping.

This unit involves assessment tasks that help students to research answers to pertinent issues involved in breeding dogs including ethical, legal, and welfare considerations.


Unit Number 2.


Students will be taught the basics of genetic and hereditary diseases, and what things they need to consider before the mating. Hereditary diseases pertaining to the brood bitch, and the stud dog. Nutrition, immunology and profiling a pedigree will be addressed. This unit is designed to give basic essential knowledge base for breeders and to set the ground work for further studies in Canine genetics, immunology and reproduction before the mating. It will give the student the minimum knowledge base in these areas to be able to understand and work within a frame work for developing their own breeding programs.


Unit Number 3


Students will be taught the mechanics of Mating, conception, whelping and rearing puppies to 8 weeks and socialization. It covers issues relating to the science of the canine species, breed specific differences, problem solving and identifying those things which may be needing attention and how to address adjustments in goals and priorities in a breeding program. This unit also covers tricks of the trade in breeding dogs.


Unit Number 4


Students will be taught the issues regarding selecting and finding new homes for the pups in the litter whether it is by advertising and/or marketing. It deals with Contracts, guarantees and legal issues, post sales follow up, crisis intervention and relationship building, networking, communication sharing and resource sharing.


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