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Our Values
The MDBA values have been incorporated into our Code of Ethics.

Being ethical means conforming to the accepted moral standards of a group

When applied to owning or breeding dogs, it means that an ethical person has a higher standard than just avoiding a certain behaviour or practice because it is illegal or that they are afraid of being caught out. This means an MDBA member agrees to conform to self-imposed high standards in all they do relating to their behaviour and activities as a dog owner or dog breeder. By becoming a member of the MDBA people accept the values and standards of the MDBA and agree to uphold the MDBA Rules and Codes.

 Our Principles

The health and welfare of dogs is our primary focus.
• Purebred pedigreed dogs provide people with a level of predictability that reduces the incidences of pets needing to be rehomed due to management issues.
• The MDBA will take the necessary action to ensure the continuation and preservation of purebred pedigreed dogs.
• Certified pedigrees ensure accurate ancestry and must contain enough information to allow them to be used as a tool to breed healthier and fit for function dogs
• The responsibility to act with integrity applies to everyone, on every day and in every way.
• The MDBA and our members abide by and promote compliance with the law and exemplify the highest ethical standards in our conduct.
• The MDBA and our members will act with honesty, without bias and fairly in all our dealings with other people.

All MDBA Breeder Members agree to be bound to MDBA Rules. These can be found here.

MDBA Members Code of Ethics

(From 02/08/2017)

  1. At all times and above all other considerations my primary focus will be on what is best for the health and welfare of my dogs.
  2. In all dealings under my MDBA membership I will always be straightforward, honest and truthful. I will not knowingly be associated with any information that contains materially false or misleading statements or which are misleading by omission.
  3. I/we will comply with all MDBA codes of Ethics and Codes of Practice and Rules and all relevant legal and welfare requirements for my locality when keeping dogs, breeding dogs or selling a dog/puppy.
  4. I/we will not use the MDBA logo, my MDBA member status or number or my MDBA prefix to advertise or promote any animal that cannot be registered with the MDBA. (as of 02/08/2017)
  5. I/we will never allow anyone under any circumstances to use my member number or my member card for any purpose.
  6. I /we will not breed a dog if I am a Companion dog member unless I first become a Breeder member of the MDBA
  7. I/we will not knowingly permit any of my/our MDBA registered dogs to be mated to a dog of a different breed, to a crossbred dog, to an unregistered dog of the same breed, or to a dog not permitted to be registered on the MDBA registers without prior approval of the MDBA 
  8. I/We will register all puppies that are live at the time of registration of the litter that I breed with the MDBA.
  9. I/we will do nothing which will bring the MDBA into disrepute.


Additional Codes of Practice are applicable for the following locations, as well as information on other responsibilities that apply to the area.

New South Wales

If you believe that any MDBA Breeder Member may have breached any of the above Codes, Rules or applicable legislation for their location please contact us.

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