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Congratulations !

This membership is offered free of charge to everyone who has purchased a dog or puppy from one of our breeder members. 

You have made the smart choice to find the perfect Family Pet

By now you know that buying a puppy from an MDBA Breeder is a pleasure and is a great and exciting experience.

The person you have received your puppy or dog from is motivated to place dogs with people who will be happy with their choice for the rest of the dog's life, and that person is you!

As a further reward you are offered free membership to our Smart Dog Owners Club. This is an exclusive club open only to people who have bought a puppy or dog from one of our breeder or rescue members.

Membership enables you access to our restricted member area of our website and to member newsletters which will give you access to resources and tools, member discounts and freebies, competitions and support from our wider dog loving community.

In the MDBA community you will find hints and tips on how to keep your pet healthy and happy and have a place to share stories and photos of your four legged family members and have our members be part of your support network. You can be as involved as much or as little as you want. Please enter your details here.


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