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If you love dogs, why not make it your career? We offer training courses in canine studies from basic pet dog care to more advanced specialist courses in all areas relating to dogs. They are intended for professional development or personal study, including Short Courses, to help qualify you for your dream job or career at affordable prices.

The field of canine studies can offer many diverse career options including owning your very own dog care business. Formal credentials are an important sign of a serious commitment

Completion of an MDBA course provides you with knowledge and demonstrates that you are serious about your chosen field and that you have been formally educated and assessed in your area of study.

Our tutors are knowledgeable experienced and practicing industry professionals, here to help you develop your knowledge and goals. Course material is constantly updated and current.

Links to each course Overview

1. Canine Anatomy
2. Canine Bereavement
3. Canine Breeding [Certificate]
4. Canine Breeding [Diploma]
5. Canine First Aid
6. Canine Foster Care
7. Canine Genetics
8. Canine Grooming
9. Canine Grooming [Advanced]
10. Canine Immunology
11. Canine Nutrition
12. Canine Reproduction
13. Canine Studies [Rescue]
14. Good Health and The Family Dog
15. Kennel Management [Certificate]
16. Kennel Management [Diploma]
17. New Breed development
18. Parasitology
19. Pet Transport
20. Whelping and Rearing Puppies
21. Pet sitting
22. Fundraising
23. Pedigree profiling

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