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Canine Anatomy  

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Learn the key ideas about how the canine body works, and how its function is related to its structure.


This course is designed for those, facing the challenges of understanding and implementing selection methods which help to prevent heritable anatomical disorders and develop a new and more science based selection processes, those involved in all aspects of canine health, training, sport, showing and work. It is an easy to follow and understand program which is specifically designed to provide you with the knowledge, tools and skills for selecting and understanding the impact of the anatomy of the Canine and how it can be impacted by genetics and environmental factors.
By the completion of this course the student will have an understanding of basic canine anatomy, and apply their knowledge to real dogs where bones and angles are hidden beneath the surface. They will understand that although anatomy involves individual parts of the dog no one part is more important than the whole dog. They will know the distinctions between breeds and how the similarities and differences among other breeds help in understanding their own breed and prevention of heritable defects.
Requirement for completion of this course to qualify for the MDBA Diploma Canine Breeding


Potential Career Opportunities
Canine Trainer
Canine Breeder
Canine carer
Canine health Field
Vet Nursing
Dog Walker
Pet Sitter
Kennel Hand
Kennel manager


Course duration: on average 8 months home study.
Maximum Time allowed 24 months from purchase date.


Qualification on completion – MDBA Advanced Certificate of Achievement. This certificate course is also a component of the Canine Breeding Diploma 


Entry requirements

Students must have basic English literacy and numeracy skills.


Minimum education


Open entry. Previous schooling and academic achievements are not required for entry into this course.

Computer requirements

Students will need access to a computer and the internet.

Fees - $430 – Member Discount applies Email for prices 

Unit 1

The student will learn about surface Anatomy – understanding and identifying the various regions of the Canine body


Unit 2

The student will learn about Osteology and how the skeleton is the rigid scaffolding, which provides the framework of the body.

Unit 3

The student will learn about Arthrology, anatomical formations linking 2 bones – they will understand the difference between synovial or non-synovial joints, and their purpose


Unit 4


The student will learn about Myology, the function of muscles


Unit 5

The student will learn about Thoracic Topography which involves the respiratory System from the nasal cavities to the pulmonary alveoli


Unit 6

The student will learn about Abdominal Topography, The digestive system


Unit 7

The student will learn about the Cardio Vascular System, How the heart works and circulation of blood in the adult and the foetus; Arteries and Veins


Unit 8

The student will learn about the canine urinary system


Unit 9

The student will learn about the Canine Nervous System


Unit 10


The student will learn about the Canine Central Nervous System


Unit 11.


The student will learn about the Canine Peripheral Nervous System


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