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Breeder Membership

A Breeder Membership is open to anyone who breeds or is looking at breeding pure bred dogs which are pedigreed and registered with any bone fide registry and/or people who are breeding dogs and working towards breed recognition.

Breeder Membership includes but not limited to:

- Promotion of what you do in your breeding programs and practices.
- Access to an advisory service on topics such as administration, management, policies and procedures, regulatory requirements and breeding related topics.
- Connection to a dynamic network of dog owners and breeders for the exchange of experience and information.
- Community acknowledgement that you are an MDBA Breeder and that you have agreed to a voluntary Code of Ethics and Rules.
- MDBA Member certificate and Card.
- Access to the MDBA private sections of the website and forums.
- Member discounts and opportunities for attendances at member social events and seminars.
- Discounts on Courses for further education which gives you the opportunity to gain canine breeding, animal care and husbandry knowledge.
- A united voice in influencing regulators and professionals on issues of concern via debate, policy formulation and lobbying.
- Ability to profile your dogs and your prefix in our member directory.
- Ability to register your puppies on the MDBA registries and recieve pedigrees.
- Free Membership to the Smart Dog Owners Club for your puppy buyers.
- Access to a broad range of resources and tools to help you to care for your dogs and manage your breeding activities.
- Use of the MDBA Breeder logo.

Becoming a Breeder Member

Becoming a member of the Master Dog Breeders & Associates has many steps. It is not a simple click-and-pay system. There are two reasons for this, firstly to make you think about the reasons you want to become a member and secondly, because we have high standards and we want to ensure that you would be a valuable member to our community.

Below you will find a brief explanation of each of the stages and more complete information and instructions will be given to you as you progress with your application.

It is to be noted that in the states of New South Wales and Victoria an induction course is required before activation.

The Stages

The membership is broken into 6 distinct stages. They are:

1. Acceptance of Code of Ethics and Rules

2. Application

3. Submitting of Biography

4. Review

5. Acceptance

6. Payment

Acceptance of Code of Ethics and Rules

This is probably the single most important part of the joining process, which is why we ask you to do it before all else.

Think carefully before agreeing. Membership in the MDBA was never intended to be for "everybody". Only those who genuinely agree to our code of conduct should apply.

Click here to be able to view the Code of Ethics.

Click here to be able to view the Rules of the MDBA.


This is where you fill out your details, including contact details (for mailing of membership kits, and so we can contact you if need be for more information), and if you are an established breeder, the name and contact details of two past puppy buyers. (This requirement will not apply if you are a beginner.)

Submitting of Biography

One of the most important facets of joining the MDBA is to explain exactly what you are trying/wishing to accomplish in your breeding.

This is something that only you can tell us, and it's a question that; with very few exceptions; has no right or wrong answer. There is no easy way for you to get this message across to us. You're just going to have to write it down.

Suggested points to cover include:

- Goals

- Aspirations

- Dreams.

- Problems faced and how you coped

- Areas of weakness in your breeding and/or experience

- Areas of strength (As you see it)

- History

- Greatest achievements

- Greatest disappointments

- Tell us what would you like to get out of your membership with the MDBA

We will not be judging you on spelling, grammar or literary ability. What you have to say is far more important than how you say it.

No person outside of the faculty of the MDBA will view the completed document. No information contained within will be shared with any person outside of MDBA faculty. Your privacy is as important to us, as it is to you.


Once all the steps have been completed correctly your application will be reviewed by the Board of Directors before you are accepted as a member. Until your application has been accepted you will not be able to access the secure area of the website.


Once you have been accepted; usually between 10-14 business days (Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays); you will be notified and informed that your payment for membership is now due. You will then be advised to complete payment for the relevant membership category you have been approved for. This acceptance notice will be delivered via email, so that all instructions are in writing. Please keep an eye on your email inbox. Please allow 7 business days from date of application.


Once payment is received you will be required to provide signature and identification documents and given access to the member's areas of our website and sent a member pack.

The breeder Code of Ethics is found here

The current Breeder Membership fees are found here

The VICTORIAN, AUSTRALIA Member application form is found here

The Member application form for all other places is found here


For further information contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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