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Canine Reproduction                   Purchase This Course


This course is an advanced course designed to teach the student to understand and better manage the canine reproduction system from head to toe, dog through bitch. It covers all areas up to the time of whelping. This course is most suited to Breeders and those involved in service delivery relating to Canine reproduction.

By completion the student will be knowledgeable in all areas of selection criteria, stud dog management , bitch management, pre breeding testing, maximizing conception, causes of reproduction failure, artificial insemination, veterinary procedures and complications, drugs that cross the placenta, dietary implications, preparation for whelping.


Potential Career Opportunities.

·         Canine Breeder

·         Canine Health Field

·         Vet Nursing

·         Kennel Hand

·         Kennel Manager


Course Duration


On average 8 months home study. Maximum Time allowed 24 months from purchase date.


Qualification on Completion


Qualification on completion – MDBA Certificate of Achievement. This certificate course is also a component of the MDBA Canine Breeding Diploma


Entry requirements


Students must have Basic English literacy and numeracy skills.


 Minimum education


Open entry. Previous schooling and academic achievements are not required for entry into this course.


Computer requirements


Students will need access to a computer and the internet.

Fees - $300 – member discounts apply


List of individual lessons with brief description


Unit 1 The stud dog



  1.  profiling a pedigree
  2.  selecting sires
  3. Age and health of the stud dog
  4. popular sires
  5.  testosterone development
  6.  stud dog management
  7.  Possible problems and diseases in stud dogs.
  8. Semen analysis
  9. Nutrition and supplements
  10. Samples of stud contracts and record keeping


Unit 2 The brood bitch

  1.  Breeding soundness and assessment. 
  2. Maternal behaviour.
  3.  Reducing Neonatal Mortality
  4.     Planning for healthy puppies
  5.   Pre breeding testing
  6. maximising conception
  7.  Nutrition and supplements
  8.   Environmental influences
  9.   Optimal breeding timing


 Unit 3 


  1.    infectious causes of reproductive failure
  2.   Non Infection causes of reproductive failure
  3.      Breeding your female
  4.     Artificial insemination
  5.     infertility in bitches


Unit 4

  1. $1       Use of supplemental progesterone in the management of canine pregnancy
  2.    Clinical use of anti-progestin in the bitch
  3.     Pregnancy determination
  4.      Canine pregnancy failure
  5.    Drugs that cross the placenta and may impact on the health of the brood bitch.
  6.    Parasites.

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