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Cancelled MDBA Member Numbers

The MDBA member numbers below have been cancelled and you should not buy a puppy or dog from anyone who is using these numbers.

Some of the numbers have been stolen from our members and used by people scamming puppy buyers.


Reasons For Cancellation can be:

Number Stolen - The member number has been stolen from member and is being used by puppy scammers

Membership Cancelled - The membership has been cancelled by MDBA for breach of MDBA Rules

Member Resigned - The member has resigned from the MDBA


Member Number - Reason For Cancellation

12789 Member Resigned 

12948 - Number Stolen

15689 - Member Resigned 

16341 - Number Stolen 

17617 - Number Stolen

21923 - Stolen 

22876 Member Resigned

23565 - Number Stolen

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