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What is a kennel prefix?


A kennel prefix is the name that we'll associate with your breeder membership as your kennel name. That name is sometimes used as a business name, for advertising, social media, websites, email addresses, stationary, etc. We need a kennel prefix for you so that we can put that prefix on all of the pedigrees that we produce for your puppies.

A kennel prefix also becomes the start of the registered pedigree name for every dog that you breed. As you may know, a dog's name can never be changed once it is registered with a name on a pedigree. That means that for the rest of the dog's life (and for as long as it's descendants may live), anyone who sees those pedigree will know which kennel the dog came from and that you bred the dog.

Say, for instance that your prefix name was "Prefix" and you registered a puppy who's first name was Milo, he would be displayed as "Prefix Milo" on your pedigree and in our database.

Applying for a MDBA Kennel Prefix

To apply for a MDBA kennel prefix all Applicants must:

- Be over 18 years of age,

- Be a current Breeder Member of the MDBA OR be currently in the process of applying for Breeder Membership.

- Pay the appropriate MDBA fee.


In applying for a MDBA kennel prefix, if the kennel prefix is approved, the applicant(s) understand that the kennel prefix:

- Will be permanently registered with the MDBA regardless of whether the owner(s) remain a breeder member.

- Must become a permanent prefix to any dog bred by the owner(s) of that kennel prefix.

- Must be updated at time of membership renewal to keep it on the active kennel list - and that this list includes only those kennels that are current breeder members of the MDBA in good standing. A yearly (or 3/5 yearly) administrative fee will be applicable.

Our guidelines for kennel prefixes:

- A kennel prefix must be at least 5 Characters, and must NOT be more than 18 characters including Spaces
- A kennel prefix must consist of letters only. No symbols brackets or apostrophes etc.
- The kennel prefix can be a prefix used on a different registry, only if the applicant is the SAME person that the prefix is registered to on that different registry.
- The kennel prefix must not be currently in use by any other person on a different registry. This also applies to similar prefixes (within 3 letters) to the proposed new prefix.
* - As of 30th June 2014, no kennel prefix will be approved which has a name incorporating that of an established breed (Such as "Bulldog", "Labrador", "Terrier" etc.), a breed in development or an F1 cross breed . (Such as oodle, doodle etc.)
* - As of 19th August 2020, no kennel prefix will be approved which has a name incorporating a 'nickname' for a breed. (Such as "Bull / Bully", "Frenchie", "Daschie", "Cav", "Hound", "Dog", "Pem" etc.) We recommend that if you want this to be part of your name, that you add it before/after the kennel prefix for your social media, website, advertising etc.



If you have any questions or concerns at all, please contact the MDBA.


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