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Scale of Charges - All charges are in AUS dollars  unless otherwise stated.

Fees are not refundable.

New Membership
Single Memberships
Breeder Member (1 year) $98.00
Breeder Member (3 years) $210.95
Rescue Member Individual  (1 year)  $47.00
Rescue Member Individual  (3 years) $75.70
Responsible Dog Owner (Lifetime Membership) $40.00
Smart Dog Owner Free
Group or Dual Memberships
Breeder Member - Dual (1 year) $125.25
Breeder Member - Dual (3 years) $271.66
Professional Membership (1 year) $125.20
Professional Membership (3 years) $270.95
Rescue Group (1 year) $102.50
Rescue Group (3 years) $252.62
Renewal Membership
Single Memberships
Breeder Member ( 1 year renewal) $85.00
Breeder Member (3 year renewal) $215.00
Rescue Member (individual) 1 year renewal  $51.00
Rescue Member (individual) (3 year renewal) $130.00
Group or Dual Memberships
Breeder Member (Dual) $115.00
Breeder Member (Dual) (3 year renewal) $285.00
Professional Membership $86.00
Professional Membership (3 year renewal) $219.00
Rescue Group $88.50
Rescue Group (3 year renewal) $225.70
Other Membership Charges
Duplicate Membership Certificate $30
Duplicate Membership Card $30
Stud Registry
Application $60.00
Yearly        $20.00
Transfer Application $20
Transfer $60.00
  Individual Dog Registration Registration $60.00
Litter Registration
For each pup under 6 months from dob at time of payment  $19.00
For each pup between 6 months and 9 months from dob at time of payment $55
For each pup over 9 months from dob at time of payment $70
Admin charge for request for service certificate and other documents $20
  Semen Registration
Registration of Semen $60.00

Transfer of Semen (no certificate issued) $10.00

Transfer of Semen (certificate issued) $25.00


Transfer of Ownership


Transfer of ownership $25.00


  Amendment of Pedigree Amendment of details $30.00
Foundation Registry
Entry into Foundation Registry
Application for a new breed $465.00
  Individual Dog Registration

Application for inclusion of new dog $100.00

Registration of new dog $60.00

Associated Clubs  
Application to become an Associated Club $50.00
Approval and Registration of Associated Club $450.00
Associated Club annual fee $200.00
Other charges
Replacement Certificate of Pedigree or Registration $30.00
Postage and Handling Australia and New Zealand $7.50
Postage Rest of the World to be advised.


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