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Our Values

The MDBA values have been incorporated into our Code of Ethics.

Being ethical means conforming to the accepted moral standards of a group
When applied to owning or breeding dogs, it means that an ethical person has a higher standard than just avoiding a certain behaviour or practice because it is illegal or that they are afraid of being caught out. This means an MDBA breeder member agrees to conform to self-imposed high standards in all they do relating to their behaviour and activities as a dog owner or dog breeder. By becoming a member of the MDBA people accept the values and standards of the MDBA and agree to uphold the MDBA Rules.

Our principles

• The health and welfare of dogs is our primary focus.
• Purebred pedigreed dogs provide people with a level of predictability that reduces the incidences of pets needing to be rehomed due to management issues.
• The MDBA will take the necessary action to ensure the continuation and preservation of purebred pedigreed dogs.
• Certified pedigrees ensure accurate ancestry and must contain enough information to allow them to be used as a tool to breed healthier and fit for function dogs
• The responsibility to act with integrity applies to everyone, on every day and in every way.
• The MDBA and our members abide by and promote compliance with the law and exemplify the highest ethical standards in our conduct.
• The MDBA and our members will act with honesty, without bias and fairly in all our dealings with other people.


MDBA Members Code of Ethics

(From 01/01/2020)


  • At all times and above all other considerations my primary focus will be on what is best for the health and welfare of dogs.
  • In all dealings under my MDBA membership I will always be straightforward, honest and truthful. I will not knowingly be associated with any information that contains materially false or misleading statements or which are misleading by omission.
  • I will comply with all MDBA rules and all relevant legal and welfare requirements for my locality when keeping dogs, breeding dogs or selling a puppy.

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