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Short Course in Basic Dog Ownership

This course is designed to help build a bond with the owner and their dog by giving the basics in obedience and building strong foundations for a well-trained dog, which is a joy to own. Recommended for all new puppy or dog owners.

The course will help you to learn how to work with your dog. It will ask you to research the basics in Canine psychology and will prepare students for advanced training principals.

Sales price: $ 55.00
Sales price without tax: $ 50.00
Tax amount: $ 5.00

By completion students will understand puppy imprinting and socialization, prevention of problem behaviours, house-training techniques, puppy obedience, how dogs learn , how the dog’s breed affect behavior, how to approach an unfamiliar dog, bite prevention training, how to build a good relationship with your dog, basic obedience exercises, use and function of training equipment, introduction to different tools, benefits and disadvantages of hand signals, the importance of exercise, daily routines, multi dog ownership, pack behaviour, the dog at home, dominance and control.


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