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Before buying a puppy


The Master Dog Breeders and Associates understands that when people are buying or selling a puppy, they have concerns about being scammed.


We can confirm that unscrupulous people have been using our member numbers and credentials to scam buyers. Unfortunately, during the covid pandemic these scammers appear to have increased.


Scammers can be quite sophisticated and can mimic our member's details. This is done without our member's knowledge and causes our members to be extremely concerned as their reputation can be damaged by these unscrupulous people. Some scammers actually do have puppies for sale but this on its own is not validation that you are actually dealing with one of our members. Puppies sold by these scammers will not come with an MDBA pedigree.


We will try our best to verify our member's number and credentials. However, in order to do this effectively, we need all of the details in the form below to be completed to ensure we able to help you as well as we can. If you can’t get the information we require from the person selling puppies then this is a red flag for you.


There are things you can do before contacting us to determine whether you are being scammed. They are:

  • Research the seller by running an internet search using the exact wording in the ad and do a reverse image search for pictures of the specific puppy. You are likely to be dealing with a scammer if you find matching images or text on multiple websites.
  • Do not pay any money until you have talked to the breeder on the phone and it matches the phone number we have verified via the below form. A scammer may have many excuses for not talking to you on the phone such as they are deaf and can’t use the phone or that they are in an area that has limited reception. At a minimum have them provide the phone number they have given to the MDBA to enable us to check that with the phone number we have on file is the same phone number that the breeder is giving you. Do this check BEFORE you pay any money.
  • While you are speaking with the breeder get the information in the form below so we can do the checking for you. Also, if the person you are talking says they are acting for the breeder, get their name so we can check with our records whether that person has approval to sell puppies for them.
  • Do not ever consider buying a cross bred dog from anyone saying they are a MDBA member. The MDBA is a purebred dog registry and our members only sell purebred dogs.
  • Be very suspicious if the transport costs seem high. Check that the transport company actually exists.
  • Before you make any payment ensure the breeder has provided you with a copy of their puppy sales guarantee and a contract of sale, read it and only proceed if you understand the documents and are happy with terms.


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