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Poodle Toy Stud Service Heavenly

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Poodle Toy Stud Service Heavenly
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Our gorgeous Sire Ari, comes from a lineage of Australian and New Zealand Champions is available for stud service.

He has Orivet approved testing with perfect clearance. He is on main papers Via ANKC and MDBA and has a fabulous temperament.

Pure breed white (recessive silver) Toy Poodle

Pricing is as follows:

Natural stud service $2500.00 ( Bitch may come and spend up to two weeks with us. This includes your bitches boarding and feeding stay within our home. Transport of your bitch is up to the owner. We do not offer a guarantee of mating and no refund.

A.I. options:

The client must bring their bitch to their own vet for A.I. The delivery will be sent directly to your vet.

Pricing includes delivering. (Australia only)

Artificial Insemination $2900.00 - Must meet at our vet

Chilled Insemination $3200.00

Frozen Insemination $4000.00

A.I. option allows you to have multiple mating opportunities. Our vet will give you a certificate verifying quality, amount, etc.

It is up to the client to find a vet that will store/freeze the additional seaman.

The client is allowed to view our stud at our location or we can arrange a Skype viewing.

For additional information, contact Daniela on Ph: 0418295425
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