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Bishon Frise Charlsby LifeMates Featured

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Pauline Vickers
Bichon Frise
We have puppies (boys & girls) available from 22nd Feb 2022.

They have great character about them, always playful and happy outgoing dogs. They are intelligent and easy to train. They are not a yappy dog and fit in well to all family types.
They love to play. will recognise all regular visitors and greet them just like family. They reaslly love to just sit on your lap and be patted.
Temperament: Alert, Charming, Friendly.

Characteristics: Lively little dog, with eyes alert and full of expression.

Recommended for: All families, Allergy Sufferers, Elderly. These dogs do not shed.

Lifespan: 12 - 15yrs.

Height: Less than 30 cm, smallness being highly desirable. Colour: Pure white. Black, blue or beige markings are often found on the skin.

Grooming- The coat does not shed and does need plenty of brushing to keep it looking good. It can be easily maintained though if it is trimmed back to about 1.5cm long all over. Bathing about once a month or when needed.

Exercise- Although playing around with them will take care of most of their exercise needs, a walk a day will top it off. Take them to your local coffee shop.

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