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Acceptance of a new breed into the MDBA Foundation Registry.

Breed clubs and individual breeders can fill out the application for a breed to be included into the Foundation Registry and we will consider the request. This form needs to be accompanied by
1. A brief description of the proposed breed to enable us to identify the dogs included in the breed and must include the breed characteristics.
2. The proposed breed name which must be unique. The name used for registration in the Foundation Registry must not in any way be considered an official breed name accepted or approved by MDBA and may be changed, removed or revoked at any time.
The Board upon reviewing the proposed breeding program and proposed standard may accept or deny acceptance of the breed in question into the foundation registry based on the requirement that the goal is to establish a breed that is sufficiently different from an existing breed. Acceptance may be denied if there is sound scientific evidence that there are inherent genetic problems deleterious to the health of the dogs in question which cannot be eliminated through selective breeding.

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