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Breed Description Revision Procedures after the breed has been recognised.

A revision consists of any change, deletion, interpretation, or clarification to a breed description. Once the Board of Directors has approved a breed description there is a five year moratorium on revisions.

These processes are in place to ensure that no individual or small group has the ability to make changes without due process. 

Breed description Committee is formed to review and formulate revisions.

Notify staff of the MDBA that the club is in the process of reviewing the breed description.

Submit revisions to MDBA staff for input while being developed. Staff will present final revisions to The Board of Directors for their comment and authority for the club to proceed to ballot their membership.

Balloting of membership of breeders who are involved with the breed. The membership must also be informed of the of five year moratorium.

Submit results of balloting, copy of the ballot, cover letter, and breed description to the MDBA. If the proposed revisions do not receive the sufficient numbers of votes to be approved notify MDBA Staff.

Ballot results that support a revision to the breed description will be scheduled for inclusion on the agenda of the MDBA Board for approval. The submitted proposed breed description will be published on the MDBA website.

Upon approval by the Board of Directors, notification is sent to the Breed advisory committee for announcement  with reiteration of the five year moratorium.

The approved breed description is published on the MDBA website.



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