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Yes. There are NO residency requirements for any of the MDBA courses or programs of study. All of your assignments, including any hands-on components, can be done where you are. We have students completing their studies from all over the world.

The tuition fees can be found on each course details page. Australian residents pay GST. There are no other fees (e.g. no enrolment or graduation fees etc.).

The MDBA will provide a refund if requested via email within 7 days from the date of enrolment. There will be an administration fee of 30% of the course fees. All refunds will be paid in $AUD. The administration fee covers the time required to process the enrolment, the withdrawal/refund process, the course materials provided to the student and any other expenses incurred by the MDBA to process request .

Yes. All MDBA members receive between 10% and 50% discount on all courses. The amount of the discount depends on which course students are enrolling in.

An institutional discount is available for any individual, company or organization enrolling multiple students. The organization must contact us and provide proof of each person's employment paid or voluntary in the organization. The students do not need to be enrolled at the same time. After the first student is enrolled, a 10% discount on the tuition for any future students will be made available. Contact us for details.

  1. MDBA courses demonstrate that you have been formally educated and assessed in your chosen area of study and shows that you are serious about your chosen field.
  2. Formal credentials are an important sign of a serious commitment and the MDBA certificates are valued as the MDBA has developed a reputation for courses that have strong content.
  3. Our instructors are practicing industry leading professionals, here to help you develop your knowledge and goals.
  4. And of course, once you complete the course you have much more knowledge than you started with.

No. Unless otherwise stated on the course page, the student is responsible for acquiring any required or recommended reading materials at their own expense.

A student may appeal a decision to the MDBA Board. The ground for appeals are outlined in our Education Policy found here.

A certificate or diploma is not a degree. It is a document certifying the completion of a course of study involving multiple courses. The MDBA does not issue degrees. We award certificates or diplomas to represent graduation from our own programs of study.

No. The MDBA provides challenging and advanced coursework and programs of study related to our area of expertise, canine studies. Our credentials are respected and meaningful but not accredited. The absence of accreditation is in no way an indication of lack of credibility or lack of quality of our courses.

We are a non-vocational, private institution offering certificate and diploma courses and programs in our area of expertise. We offer challenging programs of study intended for personal interest or professional development.

If you have damaged or lost your certificate or diploma and you would like a replacement, you can email us at courses@mdba.net.au. There is a $10AUS administration fee which covers the replacement certificate or diploma and shipping and handling costs.


MDBA breeder members have to provide either the original registered pedigree certificate notarized to change ownership on the MDBA registry or a copy of the pedigree certificate to all people who purchase their dogs.

No the MDBA has only one level of registration on the main stud registry.

An MDBA member can provide a copy of the registered pedigree which has been provided to them by the MDBA to the owner rather than the original certificate. The breeder may keep the original until such time as some condition is met .eg. the dog is desexed or the breeder may never give the buyer the original pedigree certificate if they do not want the dog to be bred with and the puppies able to be registered on our stud registry. The MDBA will only accept original certificates to enable someone to use a dog for breeding MDBA registered puppies. If the breeder does not supply the original certificate the control remains with the breeder. The breeder is required to explain this in writing to the buyer prior to time of sale.

Yes. we trust that our breeders are making the best decisions for their dogs and will choose dogs they know will bring benefit to their breeding programs.

No, however, you do need to register your puppies on an MDBA recognised purebred dog registry OR the MDBA registry. If you are breeding dogs on the foundation registry you MUST register all puppies bred on the MDBA registry.

No but the owner of the stud dog must sign a service certificate to validate the mating.

Why does the MDBA have a Stud Registry?

The MDBA has a stud registry because we believe that documenting the ancestry and progeny of dogs is critical to better breeding as it allows our breeders the ability to track genetic health and temperament throughout a dogs’ ancestry.

The stud registry enables MDBA breeders to use science rather than luck when breeding our puppies and we like to know without any doubt who your puppy’s mother and father, aunties, uncles, brothers, sisters and grandparents are so we have as much information as possible to make the best decisions in our breeding programs.

MDBA breeder members select their breeding dogs with the primary aim of producing healthy puppies with a great temperament and focusing on what is best for their dogs and those they breed. Using the breed standard of their breed is also used to ensure they breed predictable and healthy purebred puppies now and for future generations to come.

As a puppy buyer the registration certificate can be seen as your puppy’s birth certificate that shows its family tree.

What makes MDBA pedigree papers different?

The MDBA pedigree papers are different from other traditional stud registry papers as we show health results and many types of canine achievements as well as your puppy’s ancestors.

The MDBA has become increasingly concerned about the general health of dogs and the health and welfare of specific breeds. We will always focus on what’s best for dogs and because of this we document health and temperament results on our pedigrees. We believe that by having this transparency it shows the true state of pedigree dogs.

Our pedigrees show any qualifications a dog has including working dog qualifications and the type of work a dog is doing, for example, working with goats or working as an assistance dog.

When do pet owners get their puppy’s pedigree?

You will get your pedigree papers within 6 months of purchasing your puppy.  It is not possible for the pedigree papers to be available when your puppy arrives home.

There are a few reasons for this:

·        As the microchip information is entered onto the pedigree papers a breeder must wait until their puppies are microchipped before they register their litter with the MDBA.   

·        As the MDBA requires all the puppies in the litter to be registered at the same time breeders must wait until all of their puppies are sold before registering your puppy.  In some cases your puppy could be at your home for a few weeks before the last puppy in the litter is sold. 

·        Once the MDBA receives the litter registration it generally takes 14 - 21 working days to process and sometimes it can take longer if the MDBA has an unusually high number of litters to be entered into the stud registry. The MDBA posts the pedigree certificates to your puppy’s breeder who then posts them out to you.

·        The postal system can cause delays.

This process can seem to be slow for a new puppy buyer who is excited with their new puppy’s arrival and who have heard stories of unscrupulous breeders but the speed in which you will receive your MDBA registration papers depends on a lot of variables, many of which are beyond the breeder’s control.  

Please take your new baby home, relax and enjoy the experience and know that you will receive your puppy’s registration certificate as soon as we can possibly get it to you.


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