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The Master Dog Breeders and Associates is calling on breeders and friends of their breed or enthusiasts in canine related activities to consider starting or joining an MDBA associated club for their breed or for dog activities.

One of the best things about being a dog owner is the opportunities you are afforded that can improve the life of you and your dog. MDBA Associated Clubs give dog lovers the opportunity to get together, educate each other, participate in canine related activities and enjoy the company of their dogs. Being a member of an MDBA associated club helps people share their interests, skills, talents, mentor novices, learn, and find people to talk to about their favourite breed or canine related activity. Many people working together in an organized fashion can accomplish more than individuals could on their own to promote their breed or activity in a fun and rewarding way.

An MDBA Associated club will help fuel your passion for your favourite breed and connect you with other dog lovers. You can choose to be part of a breed-specific club or an all-breed club with activities and members that are as diverse as their breeds. You’ll meet like-minded people and make new friends.


The MDBA will be happy to help you get started.

  • The benefits of being an MDBA associated club
  • The ability to use the MDBA approved associate logo
  • Having the authority to issue awards which will be recognised by the MDBA and entered into a dog’s pedigree
  • Access to “how to” documents and tool kits for setting up a club and running events
  • Access to all forms necessary to run an event
  • Provision of a list of MDBA approved evaluators
  • Mediation services if required for dispute resolution
  • Publicity for club events and results on the MDBA website
  • Provision of MDBA certificates and awards  
  • Being part of a Worldwide network and resource sharing 

MDBA requirements for approval of Associated Clubs:

  1. Each Associated club is autonomous and responsible for its own running costs and the organising of its own activities, events and fundraising. The MDBA must approve any events prior to an Associated club beginning any activities for that event.
  2. An Associated Club will be deemed a Provisional Club until it has held one MDBA sanctioned event.
  3. Associated clubs will have as their primary objective the promotion of their breed or the activity they have been approved to participate in.
  4. Associated clubs will operate with the same core values and objectives as the MDBA, with a focus in all they do on the health and welfare of the dogs and the breed.
  5. Associated clubs must be set up as an organisation according to the laws of their country.
  6. Before an Associated club can be approved the application must include a copy of the club’s intended constitution, rules and regulations.
  7. All Associated clubs will have the sub-title Master Dog Breeders and Associates Approved Club. 
  8. All Associated club committee members must be MDBA Breeder members.
  9. For an Associated breed club
    1. The first Associated breed club in any country will be named as that country’s breed club. Other Associated breed clubs in that country will be named for their region. All breed clubs have equal status and all Associated breed clubs are approved by the MDBA and are independent from any other Associated breed club.
    2. The Associated breed club committee will ensure that all dogs and puppies entered in a MDBA sanctioned events are registered with the MDBA.
    3. Associated breed club members must not under any circumstances provide a pedigree registration service. For members who have a foundation breed they must utilise the MDBA as the sole provider for pedigree registration and ancestry record keeping services.
    4. Associated breed club members must ensure that the only breed standard or breed interpretation used in events is the MDBA approved standard and interpretation.
    5.  Breeder members of all Associated breed clubs must be MDBA breeder members in good standing and provide their MDBA membership numbers and MDBA approved Kennel Prefix to the Associated breed club they wish to join.
  10. Non-breeding Associated club members do not need to be members of the MDBA, although free membership to the MDBA Smart Dog Owners Club and Pet Owners membership is available to them through their breeders.
  11. The calculation of an Associated club’s member numbers will include all individuals, corporations, and multiple members on one membership to be counted as a total number of individual members.
  12. Associated clubs may conduct their own fund raising activities and events, but must apply to the MDBA for sanction for activity days and proposed events, programs or innovations intended by the Associated club. The MDBA will help promote these activities once they are approved.
  13. On any Associated club’s website they must prominently display the MDBA logo and the link to the MDBA website.The MDBA will have links on their website to all Associated clubs.
  14. Associated clubs must operate their own bank accounts and must keep their own records of membership details and finances.
  15. Each Associated club application will incur a one - time administration application fee. Within 30 days of being approved as an Associated club one year’s Associated club member fees will be required.
  16. Each Associated club must pay an annual Associated club fee which is to be paid by 31st December each year. If the Associated club is approved between June 30th and December 31st of any year then their first year’s renewal will fall due by the December of the following year and thereafter on each December 31st.
  17. In addition to the annual Associated club fee each Associated club shall pay an annual membership levy to the MDBA, which shall be invoiced annually. This annual calculation will be paid by each Associated breed club and will be based on the number of members of that Associated club as at 31 December of each year. Each Associated club will certify this calculation of the number of members and will provide the calculation to the MDBA prior to 31 December in each year. Payments must be made within thirty (30) days of the date of the invoice.
  18. If an Associated club fails to notify the MDBA of the number of its members in good standing or to give true and complete details of the number of its members and Associates will be deemed to be Misconduct and may result in disciplinary action being taken against that Associated club.
  19. For any Associated club that wishes to transfer to the MDBA from the now defunct Australian and International Australian Cobberdog club they will have their application fee and their first year’s association fees waived until December 31st  2018. These clubs must inform the MDBA of their intent to become a MDBA Associated breed club by June 30th 2018 to take up this offer.


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